Psyrhythmix: DJ/producer Edition

Psyrhythmix: DJ/producer Edition

16 March, 2018 // 11:00 PM until 7:00 AM

Psychedelic Trance

Cost – £5b412 £10 after.



Nikki S
Bahar Canca
Nick Sentience
Neill Moore

Psyrhythmix: DJ/Producer Edition

After a jaw dropping live acts special edition party we are all revved up to bring you this months dj/producer edition of psyrhythmix where we will be showcasing some of the latest and greatest in UK talent. First up on our very awesome line up of guests we have the amazing Nikki S, Nikki has been making massive strives over the past few years with an ever increasing list of top global and local gigs and an album that turned heads when it was released in 2016. Resident for PSYMERA and promoter for Astral Circus, nikki has played a big role in helping shape the London scene in to what is it today and we are very excited to have her come and blast a phat at this party.
Next up we have the amazing Barhar Canca who has been a firm fixture on the London circuit for many years and is the promoter for psy boutique festival in turkey and label manager for sub bubble. She recently had a smashing album consisting of an impressive list of artists to collab with and some very unique and great music was born. barhars loving and fun nature is shown though her sets and we advise you to get your ass down to the party to see her tear up the trance floor at Psyrhythmix.
Next up we have the multi super talented N-kore warm us up at the party which we are so over the moon about. N-kore, aka Olivier lefant is one of the most well read and technical engineer/producers we have ever come across, Olis understanding of music technology, application of electronic music techniques, equipment and his music talent and production skills are mind-blowing, with every episode of computer music magazine digested into this mans memory he will impress the crap out of any huge name in any genre with what he knows, get in the cue to get in the door for the first beat to hear this musical master work his magic.
Last but not least we have our two trusty residents who will be back once again for the renegade master with enough phat earth shattering bombs to make even the US army jealous, come and catch another set of the core Psyrhythmix sound with Neill Moore and Nick Sentience and catch them pumping out some sneak peaks of some heavy new productions. Catch you on the trancefloor!

Nikki S

Bahar Canca


Nick Sentience

Neill Moore

Friday 16th March 2018

Progressive, Fullon & Psychedelic

11pm till 7am

414 Coldharbour Lane, Brixton, SW9 8LF, London, UK
(1 minute walk from Brixton Tube/Rail)

£5 (Before Midnight)
£10 (After Midnight)

* Roof Terrace
* Psychedelic Decor
* mapping visuals
* Lights and Lazer Show
* Friendly Security
* Over 18 Only

(Open Roof terrace for those who wish to smoke)
Please note that excessive noise will be not tolerated outdoors
Please respect the neighbourhood, Thank you for your co-operation 🙂

London’s No.1 Friday night Psy Trance Clubbing Night Out!

Club 414 –
414 Coldharbour Lane, Brixton, SW9, 8LF. London, UK

●•Safe And Friendly Environment•●
●•Full On Sound System Plus Amazing Lasers & Lights•●
●•The Venue Has A Roof Terrace For Smokers•●
●•Plus A Chill Out Area To Relax & Cafe!•●
●•See you on the dance floor•●

* Please invite only good vibe’s.
* Bad vibes are not allowed.
* Select your best friend’s for best time.
* Respect the neighbourhood when smoking.
* Dance like nobody is watching.
* Love, Peace n Light!

Tube = Brixton (Victoria Line) 1 minute walk
Rail = Brixton (Mainline station) 2 minutes walk

Daytime buses : 2,3,35,37,45,59,109,118,133,159,196,250,322,333,345,355,415,432,P4,P5

Night buses = N2,N3,N35,37,N133,N159,250,689,690

Directions: Come out of Brixton tube station and turn left. Walk 100 yards till you see KFC on your left. Turn left and walk 100 yards. You have reached your destination on the left.
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