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Save Brixton’s Club 414 from being turned into a cocktail bar.

National cocktail bar chain Be At One have applied for planning permission to turn Brixton’s much-loved Club 414 into a cocktail bar.

Club 414 is easily one of Brixton’s longest running venues – they’ve been operating for over 30 years from the same site – and seeing as the owners have stuck by Brixton during the tough years, it would seem massively unfair to see them booted out to make way for another chain.  

Louise Barron, Club 414's business owner and lease holder told Brixton Buzz that it was “unbelievable” that the cocktail bar plans have been submitted while their court case is still pending, and spoke with emotion when she said that it felt like they were “trying to take their home and their livelihood away from us.”

Important: If you wish to object to this planning application it is vital you word it correctly, else it will be ignored.

Here’s how to lodge an effective objection with Lambeth Planning.