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Neill Moore is part of the fresh emerging talents within the trance scene in the UK, his music consists of an energetic and uplifting blend of trance related sounds ranging from about 130-145bpm (usually 140-145ish). With a keen interest in playing tracks he feels are pushing the boundaries of the music, Neill is obsessed with having trance grow and develop into something that will consistently f
eel expressive and sound fresh and non generic.

Neill started off his DJ career in Hull back in 2006 during his university years, where he DJed for all the events that accommodated for his sound, as well as running 3 of his own promotions. He came back to London after his degree to became a regular at the legendary underground party Planet Angel. He then went on to play at dozens of other promotions in the styles of Trance and Hardtrance before he became heavily influenced and involved in playing and producing Psychedelic trance/progressive which is now his main focus.

Within the various trances Neill collects he has played at top venues such as Hidden, Heaven, Ministry of Sound and played alongside talented names such as Avalon, Nick Sentience, Sander Van Doorn, Lisa Lashes and many more. He hopes in the future to have the privilege to also play alongside other amazing artist such as Sonic Species, Simon Patterson and Sideform who are some examples that have had a big impact on shaping his sound.

As well as being a resident for, Neill is involved in promoting the monthly psytrance party Psyrhythmix and more recently Inertia which had their successful launch back in February 2012.

Spending much of his time in the studio writing, editing and mashing up tracks, Neill attempts to bring in influences from many musical genres which is something he feels can quickly add drama to a genres repetitive production patterns and easily revitalize energy and create interesting diversity and uniqueness.

The music you will hear Neill play out will always be of a great musical quality (both in terms of writing and engineering), very often beautiful, always very rhythmic and as unique and well mixed as possible – using keys, bpms, effects, looping and song structure all to their full advantage to give great life and fluidity to the music.

Below are some examples of DJ sets mixed by Neill Moore in various styles of trance that he plays:

Energetic Psytrance:

Progressive Psytrance:

Euphoric Trance:

Tech Trance:

Hard Trance:

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