Khadijatou Doyneh (aka ‘K2’)

Introducing Khadijatou Doyneh (aka ‘K2’)
Singer-songwriter, author, spoken word poet, musician, and dancer, Khadijatou Doyneh, aka K2, is a multi talented artist who started her performing arts career in dance theatre after graduating with a BA (Hons) Dance and Spanish. She discovered her aptitude for writing, blending words and rhythms, and became a recognised artist on the underground poetry scenes in the UK since 1994. Logically, over time she amalgamated her voice, sense of rhythm as a drum percussionist and writing skills to pursue her career as a singer-songwriter. She has performed as a singer/poet playing Djembe or with her support band in the UK and different countries since 2004.
Khadijatou has a gift for creative writing and expression that encompasses many genres. She plays with words, handling a wide range of emotions and feelings with strength, intuitiveness, a sense of urgency and gentleness at the same time. She finds her inspiration and strength in her African Roots. Through the art of Spoken Word, Poetry she is a proud urban heiress of an African aural tradition of storytelling, recounting historical facts mixed with a 21st century sense of humour, Khadijatou is like a modern griot.
Khadijatou is savvy. Using knowledge and experience, she writes about life, relationships, erotica, history and intercultural issues. Her wordplay tackles sensitive subjects with cleverness and a razor sharp wit.
From the music point of view, Khadijatou’s work is deeply nourished and informed by annual sojourns performing in various countries, mixing culture exchanges, shared experiences, traditions, colours, sounds and rhythms. Her music is eclectic. K2 has a talent for putting together different genres of music from African drum rhythms to electronic soul; infused with dub, elements of rock, rhythm & blues, jazz funk afro-beat and dance. Representing a true reflection of her actual life in the centre of trend-setting London.
On the poetry and lyrics side, her work is also a mix as she writes in English, Caribbean patois, and other slang. Thus resulting in an ongoing evolving experience and observation of the human condition. Personal experiences from her life opened her veins to deeper understanding of people, relationships, history, socialisation, institutional discrepancies, sexuality, appreciation of her African heritage worldwide, and has defined for her a solid place in the world. A variety of moments in time around the globe has given her gifts in words and rhythms taking her to new levels of expressing her music creations and inspiration with a clear sense of purpose – to share.
Her upcoming album ‘Sex, Lies & History’ is the first part of this study about life, change and interaction between people.