Bangers an Brandy

Good day to all the 414 crew, dj Skol here!

Hope ur all safe an taking care

Hard 2 believe it’s almost June an my birthday
Already 👴🏽👴🏽👴🏽
Where has the yr gone

Wat this madness has done in a positive way
Is bring 2gether people that had lost touch

People that had 4gotten wat it’s like to have big nites out to HardHouse an Trance

Lots of us should b in Kavos rite now at
Unity in the Sun
So absolutely gutted 😤🤬

Massive shout to the hostess wid ….
Rosie Redmond who has now become the visuals coordinator an been a huge help an support in the mad times
Luv ya babe 🥰😍

414 Fam Anthony Pommell an Auntie Louise

KT9 crew Stella an Neil Hugo

Happy birthday to those celebrating this wk

2hours of madness an a few laughs on the show 2day
Bringing a bit of musical sunshine in this crazy time

So join us an join in

C ya on the waves

4ish-6pm every Friday

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